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pakistan cricket all news for today

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pakistan cricket news for today

pakistan cricket news for today

Recently a Pakistani news was published. The news is that former Pakistan head coach Misbah-ul-Haq has hit back at his critics. pakistan cricket all news for today given below.

Chirchena Bangladesh Wicket’ in Babar’s eyes

A general picture has been seen in the entire Pakistan vs Bangladesh T20 series. Mahmudullah and Babar Azam has come down to toss the match between Bangladesh and Pakistan. Mahmudullah decided to bat after winning the toss. The Pakistan captain decided he would win the toss and field.

This time Bangladesh and Pakistan are going to be Test. The Test match will be played at Sagarika Huzur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium on Friday. Before the series started, Sagarika had different views on wickets Bangladesh and Pakistan captains.

On the eve of the match at the Virtual Conference, Bangladesh captain Mamunul Haque said that he thinks the batting support will be as useful as ever. On the other hand, according to Babar, Chirchena will welcome them by making spinning wickets. That’s why the Pakistan captain looked at the two spinners of the team.

When Mominul Haque was asked about the wicket, he said, “I think the wicket is very good.Batting on batting wickets. Will be helpful for batting. Hey Ukte you will see better because those who see from outside understand better. Chittagong wickets are always good for batting.

On the other hand, the Pakistan captain said on the basis of Wednesday’s practice, there could be a tropical Bangladeshi Uket. However, although there was grass in the UK yesterday, it has been reduced a lot. However, he did not get a chance to see it at the virtual conference. Because Pakistani practice has not started yet.

Based on the previous day’s visit, Babur said, looking at the page, it looks like a tuk-tuk of Bangladesh. There is some grass on Wednesday I saw there is a lot of grass in the back. He also said that in my opinion, the condition should be adjusted as much as possible It will be good for us

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