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See how dmitry bivol lost his opponent

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dmitry bivol

See how dmitry bivol lost his opponent

Today’s post is for those who are fans of dmitry bivol.  Because he is a great boxer in Russia.  He resists his opponents by any means.  Everyone loves his amazing technique.  As a result, his innumerable fans are increasing day by day.

 Today we will share with you the different techniques of this popular Russian boxer and share with you some of his popular pictures.  I will also share with you his biography, his playing life and some events of his personal life.

dmitry bivol Early life

 Dmitry was born and raised in Kyrgyzstan and later moved to Russia at the age of 11. Dmitry Bevol started boxing at Tokmo at the age of 6. Bevol was a well-equipped amateur, won two world championships at the junior level, as well as in the middle division at the 2008 AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships.  Won the bronze medal.  Bevol won the Russian National Amateur Boxing Championships in 2012 and 2014 as a light heavyweight.  His record as an amateur is 28-15.

dmitry bivol Pic

dmitry bivol Pic

dmitry bivol Pic

dmitry bivol Pic

 Professional career

 Bevel made its professional debut in November 2014.  He won his first 6 fights in the knockout.  Bevol fought with Eger Mekhantsev, Jean-Pascal and Bacchuslav Shabransky early in his career.  Bevel lives in St. Petersburg but trains in Southern California.

 Bevol won the interim WBA light-heavyweight title on May 21, 2016, defeating previously undefeated Felix Valera in a unanimous decision (119-107, 119-107, 116-111).    Bevel easily defeated Berryz before the technical knockout stop, pushing him more than 4 rounds.  Berries dropped out in 3 rounds.  At the beginning of the 4th round, Bevel opens a cut over Berry’s right eye.There were fewer versions.  Bevol’s first defense came against Robert Berries on 23 February 2017.

 Bevel then defended his title against Samuel Clarkson on 14 April 2017.  The fight was the title of a showbox show at MGM National Harbor in Maryland. .

dmitry bivol height

dmitry bivol height 1.83m

Beaver landed 244 of his 778 (31%) fists, including 146 378 (39%) power shots, while Barrera had 606 (12%) only 75, who  Of his 273 power punches, 65 landed (24%).  Barrera, who has a tough jab, was also completely out-jabbed, landing 10 (3%) of the 333, compared to 97 (24%) of the 400 for the Bevel.  The fight averaged 512,000 spectators, topping the 570,000 spectators on HBO

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