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Troy Kotsur, Early life and education, career

Troy Kotsur, Early life and education, career, Jodi and Leonard Stephen “Lane” were born on July 24, 1968 in Kotsur, in the largest suburb of Phoenix, Metsa, Arizona, Arizona.

His parents prayed and discovered that he was deaf.  As a result, he was taught the American sign language so that he could communicate with his family.  When his parents took him for sports because he could not hear, he encouraged others around him to make friends with such deaf children.  So that he can easily get his friends.

Kotsur attended Phoenix Day School for the Deaf, where he first became interested in acting. He graduated from Westwood High School. In high school, her drama teacher encouraged her to participate in a senior diversity show, and she performed a pantomime skit that was positively accepted and inspired her to follow the theater.

When Kotsur received an acting job offer from the National Theater of the Deaf, he accepted and acted in two plays. In 1994, he started working for the Deaf West Theater in Los Angeles, California.

Troy Kotsur, Early life and education, career

In 2001, Kotsur and audition actor Lyle Canaus co-starred in the 1985 musical Big River’s Deaf West Theater production.

In 2012, Kotsur starred in the play Sirano, based on Cyrano de Bergerac and co-produced by Deaf West Theater and The Fountain Theater. The play, directed by Stephen Sax, premiered in April 2012. After Cyrano, Kotsur directed the feature film No Ordinary Hero: The Superdiffy Movie, which premiered at the Heartland Film Festival in 2013.